KDE Framework 5?

Hi, im new to Calculate, been using about a week as main OS, actually its my only OS installed atm…
I dont know if someone asked it before, but, did the steps to install Framework 5 are completly the same as Gentoo? or do i have to do something different?..
Thanks, Sergio

The steps to install KDE Framework 5 are the same as Gentoo. At you own risk. Calculate Linux at now does not have any special settings for Plasma 5

Thanks, i will try it in a virtualbox first to see how things go, now, may i ask you, there’s no way to enable desktop effects, and i cannot find the ~.kde4 config files to see them, also, sometimes at the start i see an error window about kwin not beign able to start normaly… How may i check those files?.
Thanks again.