Joining Windows System to CDS Domain (Open LDAP)

Objective: Is to have a way around to have Windows System joined to CDS Domain (Open LDAP). Here is the simple walkthrough.

Windows XP will act here as a client under the architecture of Calculate Linux. User access/restrictions will be imposed based upon user ID and group belonging.

To have Windows PC joined under Calculate domain. We first need to make existing system out of domain(if any) and get added to Test Group & Restart the system in Control panel. Follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Make system out of domain and restart the system

Before we add our system into new domain. We need to perform few additional steps.We need to add IP Address in Advanced TCP/IP Settings under WINS Tab, Enable LMHOSTS, Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP and under DNS Tab append the DNS sufix as shown below and press OK.


2. Then in Control panel -[System -]{style=“text-align:right;”}>Computer name ->Click Change and add yourDomain_name.

3. Will ask for password enter your password (same that you have given for samba Admin at the time of creation of LDAP.Its a ldap Admin Password). It may give an error at the first time try second time and will say “Welcome to yourDomain domain”. Restart the system and try logging on to system with open ldap user ID/Password.****