java-overlay refuses to install even after synchronizing

Can’t seem to get the java-overlay installed despite sync. Anyone know why and how I can fix it? I totally refreshed my location files.


it282 ~ # layman -a java-overlay
* Program "/usr/bin/svn" not found
* Failed to add overlay "java-overlay".
* Error was: Adding overlay "java-overlay" failed!

it282 ~ # emerge -a dev-vcs/subversion

it282 ~ # layman -a java-overlay

it282 ~ # eix-update

it282 ~ # eix -s sun-jdk
* dev-java/sun-jdk
     Available versions:  
        (1.4)   ~*^fs[1]
        (1.5)   ~^s[1]
        (1.6)^fs^fs ~^fs ~^fs
        {{X alsa derby doc examples jce kernel_SunOS nsplugin odbc pax_kernel +source}}
     Description:         Sun's Java SE Development Kit

[1] "java-overlay" /var/lib/layman/java-overlay

it282 ~ # emerge -a =dev-java/sun-jdk- --autounmask-write

it282 ~ # dispatch-conf

it282 ~ # emerge -a =dev-java/sun-jdk-

All clear?

Thank you. I failed to look at the error output but even then, I’d still probably not be able to do this. I wish to understand what I’m doing, however, the documentation is not exactly a linear path of knowledge.

Thanks again. Everything works.