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It's easy install Gambas 3.9 on Calculate?

Hello friends I’m a big fan of Gambas “Almost Means Basic” because is the programming language that I start to have some knowledge. Today I search in our package base repository and I cant find him . So maybe this package needs a manual compilation and my question is - this package can be easely install on Calculate?


There is overlay for that

Using layman is preety simple

  • layman -a to add
  • refresh emerge cache eix-sync
  • emerga /-a

You can try to mask every package from choosed overlay, and unmask only for specific ones. Why? It sometimes collides with official repositories on update.

cat /etc/portage/package.mask/custom 
*/*::<name of layman>

Thanks for the help. Amazing work and team on this Distro. Thanks for your work and help.

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