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Issue with Pipewire and Nvidia HDMI audio

First of all Best 2022 Wishes for all Calculate Linux team <3.

Since pipewire introduction I cannot request to output the sound with my HDMI video wire.

I use CLDM up to date. Nvidia-drivers up to date.

No problem with my usb headset, but I am no more able to output the sound with the HDMI audio option.
In the pavucontrol bar the HDMI audio is quoted as “not connected” and obvisously he is connected I cross checked :slight_smile:
If I boot with an others OS the HDMI sound works.

Do you have an advise to help me to fix the HDMI audio please?

Thanks in advance <3


No one is facing issue with pipewire and Nvidia HDMI audio?

It will also a good information for me :slight_smile: if it is coming from my configuration or bad parameter from my side.

Hello, all Best >=2022 to you.
Your post don’t have some information.
1st - what is others OS ???
2nd - configurations - hdmi output settings, any logs about sound and hdmi
3rd - hdmi hardware input settings - (may be audio input disable)
And as it is - so far no guarantees.

Hi indeed I can add information :slight_smile:

  1. I have a dual boot with Windows 10 (and CLDM)
  2. I do not where I can find any sound log, if you have an idea I will give you the log. My Graphic card is an Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti from EVGA
  3. The sound is enable (not mute)
    when I select the sound output on my USB headset it works perfectly
    when I select the HDMI sound output no sound at all
    I verified with cl-setup-audio, I have pipewire selected and not alsa.

I hope it will help. If I forgiot something do not hesitate to ask.
In any case thanks for any help. <3

[ Windows 10 ]
I think about ‘Arch’ or 'Red hat"

You may try ‘nouveau’ driver and core alsa output.

Problem solved :slight_smile:

Finally I have to modify the port of sound output in pavucontrol panel.
The good option for my configuration is hdmi2 for information.
So I closed the topic :slight_smile:

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