Is there a way to prevent some programs from installing?


First of all I want to thank developers for developing such a good linux system. I recently bought a new laptop. So far Calculate Linux haven’t had any problems with the drivers. I had graphic cards and wifi problem with other systems such as ubuntu flavours.

My specs are i5-8250u cpu, intel 620 hd integrated graphics, realtek gigabit card, intel 8265 wifi card. Calculate Linux sees these components out of box.

I have some problems. I have solved some and trying to solve what is left. I will send a new message if I can’t find a solution for them.

For now, what i would like to know is if there is a way to prevent a program from installing before the first boot. I am using KDE edition. For example I don’t want SMTube, Libreoffice, gtk-recordmydesktop etc. I uninstalled these programs and run cleaning command after the uninstallation. However if there is a way to discard these from installing from the beginning that would be really good in my opinion.

Hi Berk,
You can install Calculate Linux Scratch and install only those programs that you use.