Is it possible to run an Android app on Linux?


I dropped by to ask this question.
Is it possible for an Android app, particularly a POS (point of sale) software to be functional on a Linux environment?
This app is crafted to fit Android platforms, and it doesn’t run on anything else.
Our app is for Restaurant businesses.
If you are or know someone who is good with Linux-based apps, please check out our site and see if you can make our POS software [[]] run on a Linux platform.
We are open for suggestions. But any assistance will be much appreciated.

Thank you very much!

Just noticed this post… sorry.
Basically, Android is a specialized deprecated linux environment.
So, the answer is no, not directly.

I have been doing some Android development for over a year. To do so I had to download and install the Android SDK & work that with Java. A virtual Android environment came with the Developers tool kit. The Virtual Android environment allows us to run the app for testing on a Virtual Android on our Linux Desktop. So, you see the app in a mini Android Phone. Probably not what you are looking for… ?

What is the app? Probably can ported to the linux desktop as Java is Java.