Is it possible to boot Calculate Linux from iso file?

I am trying to add Calculate Linux to the usb stick, with several iso files for Linux distrosI always carry with me, but I have not had success in booting it. I have read that some isos are not bootable in such conditions and I wonder if any one can inform me on the status of Calculate Linux regarding this question as I am not sure that that is possible.

If it is possible I would indeed appreciate any help as to how to formulate a menu entry for Grub to boot an iso file.

Hi! There is nothing easier. For example:

cl-install-flash -d /dev/sda1 --iso cldx-23-x86_64.iso
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
cp cld-23-x86_64.iso /mnt/linux
cp css-23-x86_64.iso /mnt/linux
umount /mnt
cl-setup-boot-live --type flash /dev/sda1


You can also modify the ISO image by working from a flash drive.

See the path /boot/grub/ and file /boot/grub/grub.cfg from the distribution iso-file for an example.

menuentry "Calculate Linux Desktop 22.0.1 Xfce LiveDVD" {
   echo "Language: ${bootlang}"
   echo "Keyboard: ${bootkeymap}"
   echo "Timezone: ${boottimezone}"
   echo "Audio: ${bootaudio}"
   echo "Bootparams: ${bootparams}"
   echo "Please wait..."
   linux /boot/vmlinuz root=live:LABEL=CLDX-20221108 init=/linuxrc nodevfs quiet noresume splash  ${bootparams} ${nomodeset_opt} ${noefi_opt} ${no_gfxmode}
   initrd /boot/initrd

The bootparams variables are defined in the adjacent files:

  • audio.cfg
  • keymap.cfg
  • lang.cfg
  • timezone.cfg
  • vga.cfg
  • video.cfg

There is also a useful option clock:UTC for the bootparams variable, which is not controlled by configuration settings.

This menu entry will load iso:

menuentry "ISO cld-20230112-x86_64.iso" {
    set isofile=/cld-20230112-x86_64.iso
    echo "Please wait..."
    loopback loop ${isofile}
    echo "Load kernel ..."
    linux (loop)/boot/vmlinuz root=live iso-scan/filename=${isofile} quiet verbose noresume ${bootparams} ${noefi_opt} ${no_gfxmode}
    echo "Load initrd ..."
    initrd (loop)/boot/initrd
    echo "Run ..."

As an inveterate distro-hopper I ask forums very often and it is not often I get such prompt and helpful answers. And so clear also. Amazing, thanks so very much.

It looks like I may become more engaged into Calculate.
And may start to bother you a bit more often. Thanks again !

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