Hallo again,

after doing “layman -d jorgicio”. I only need one package from there “clamtk”.

always get errors “!!! Invalid PORTDIR_OVERLAY (not a dir): ‘/var/lib/layman/jorgicio’”

calculate layman # dir
brother-overlay                   calculate
cache_930c3ed4a5f89f74fd810585751a06e3.timestamp  distros
cache_930c3ed4a5f89f74fd810585751a06e3.xml    installed.xml
cache_ac494f50f5736be7871962c0dec7b3bb.timestamp  make.conf
cache_ac494f50f5736be7871962c0dec7b3bb.xml    sabayon

so no jorgicio

but system complains the above error

Please some help here


ferdi :wink:


layman -d is for delete an overlay.
This overlay isn’t installed so you can’t delete it.

If you are problems with other commands, please, update your system, there are recent changes in portage and layman.

sorry to say,

the overlay “jorgicio” was installed because I needed “clamtk” from
but not working anymore.
so I deleted it “layman -d jorgicio”
and I got the error on 3 of my systems.
Can’t solve this

:wink: anything else?

What is the result of

layman -l