Intel AX-200 wifi

I have one system with Intel WiFi 6 AX200 wifi but no ethernet. The installer seems to not support this wifi. Am I mistaken? What could I do to get Calculate installed on such a computer?

you may try install “gentoo” as core system.
OS gentoo think that installer with “ax200 wifi” support - it’s you.

  1. Boot LiveUSB with any other linux OS with internet support - and install Gentoo.
  2. Then add Distros and Calculate repos.
  3. Then migrate to Calculate OS.
    Select any Calculate profile with “eselect” or with hands - “ln -ls …/…/var/db/repos/distros/profiles/CLD/amd64/20 /etc/portage/make.profile”
    Then “emerge -e @world”.

P.S.: linux kernel support your “Intel WiFi 6 AX200” ?

Yes, that’s what I thought: I have UbuntuDDE 21.10 and Deepin 20.4 running on other partitions and I can work from there on the designated Calculate partition. In the end Calculate is more reliable.

Thank you.

Kernel 5.10.83 on Deepin is new enough to support my WiFi 6, but I need appropriate driver enabled which Calculate seems to miss.

I don’t know the driver name for your hardware.
May be Calculate kernel .config don’t enable his.
From Ubuntu you may try “lsmod” and “modinfo” - for more clarity.
May be it’s very NEW tested driver - and not include in the stable kernel config.