Installing Software

Being new to Calculate I do not know how to install other software packages.
I would like to install Firefox, Kodi Media Centre, and possible another
browser like Chrome, could some kind person instruct me in the process
thanking anyone who can help.

Hi Allan,

Open the console (in the lower right panel). Get the root password by typing ‘su’ and entering the password. Then enter to install Firefox:

emerge firefox


emerge firefox kodi chromium

a bit simplistically written here

details about the installation

details about the search for packages

Brilliant, many thanks worked a treat, I have KDE installed can I install other
Desktops and choose which one to run at boot up ?

Oh sure. But if you want to see each desktop in the best possible way, it is easier to download images from the desktop XFCE (CLDX) and MATE (CLDM) in the directory /var/calculate/linux. Then run cl-setup-boot-live. In the boot menu will be added ‘Live HDD’. Try.