Installing and using Equo/Entropy/Rigo with Calculate?

I have a question about Calculate Linux and Equo/Entropy/Rigo. There’s quite a bit of information I’m providing as to my motivations, but if you’d rather skip ahead, then please scroll down to the 2nd set of " foo ".

A little bit of info about why I’m asking this question

I’m basically brand-spankin’-new to Calculate (and Gentoo). I have tried Sabayon in the past and the only thing about it I liked was it’s Equo/Entropy package manager. I now have run the Calculate Livesystem and am extremely impressed, but like I said above, I’m very, very, very new to Gentoo and it’s derivatives like Calculate.

You see, from what I have learned on DistroWatch, Calculate uses Gentoo’s portage package management, and I really find a lot of it confusing (probably due to my severe dyslexia ( for info)). I tried another Gentoo-based distro, and I found that while Sabayon’s Equo was extremely easy for me to use, the rest of the OS pretty much sucked. My wife could always tell when I was trying repeatably to get Sabayon to work due to the amout of cursing come out of my home-office, which could have probably given a Navy Sailor a run for their money!

Maybe it’s just my computer, but when literally every other distro can easily figure out that my Lenovo w510 ( & for more info) has a 1080p display and Sabayon had me stuck at 640x480, I knew that after the third attempt to get it working, I was no longer going to waste my time with that piece of … well I’ll keep my language civilized here. Even CLI-based distros can easily identify my display and automatically calibrate it to its highest settings, 1920x1080, then obviously Sabayon has bugs that are not being addressed at all.

Naturally and to my wife’s delight, I threw out that POS-OS ( pun intended :slight_smile: ), but I really want to mo veaway from my current Ubuntu-based distro, Peppermint 7: Xenial (, and embrace the Gentoo descendants, expecially your Calculate since it seems much, much easier to install as oposed to actual Gentoo (again, probably due to my severe dyslexia).

The Question Itself

So, getting back to what I’m trying to ask, or just asking in the case of TLDR, I’d really like to know if it is possible to install Sabayon’s Equo/Entropy/Rigo onto Calculate. If it is possible, how would I go about doing so? How would I download and install the features, and then once install populate the sources making the installation of software much easier for me and my dyslexia.

If this is possible and relatively painless, I would absolutely love to make the switch from Peppermint to Calculate, so any advice you can give me will be extremely appreciated!

Thanks very much! I hope everyone has a great weekend :smiley:

~ Ev

PS – I’m sorry for the formatting on this post, my line breaks apparently… line break.

Hi Ev,

You’re right, work with Portage new user is not very easy. However, we do not consider it appropriate to abandon the Gentoo package manager. Having mastered it, you will feel much more degrees of freedom than can give any binary distro. Calculate now more than ever is convenient and easy to install package. There is a graphical tool for system updates, many packages have already been compiled. We are not resting on our laurels as well as Portage is constantly evolving by adding convenient means to resolve dependencies.