Increasing the number of open files


I encountered an error with slapd,… Basically the ldap service
Then i tailed the logs tail -f /var/log/messages
It says hosts.allow too many files open , and my slapd service was hanged,i can’t execute #cl-info -u samba.

Then i thought it could be of ulimit -a open files connections which was 1024
then i set the same using #ulimit -n 10240 but this remains only for a session…
I asked Lautre , he told me to create a file
#vim /etc/security/limits.d/CDS.conf
# need for openldap
* - nofile 10240

and i saved the file , But still doesn’t helped me it is still 1024

Please help me to set the open files number to 10240 so that error for too many files open should not come
I have attacehd the logs for your reference

Reply soon

Pranav Sharma

LOGSFORCDS.txt (28.5 KB)

Do you reboot the server after create CDS.conf file?

Yes, Now that works

I am sorry i didn’t rebooted the system, Now i did and it has now changed.

Hey , I have posted one more query , please reply

Thanks for all your support