Improving font rendering

Hello to all members and admins!
I want to thank all of you,admins and the rest of team for making such a great distro.

Font rendering is pretty bad,comparing to the other distros. I have been using XFCE version,and I turned on font antialiasing,but there is no quality rendering.

Thank you

Thank you for your comment. I never thought about it :slight_smile: It will be interesting to compare.

You can see and compare for yourself. In terms of font rendering,best linux is Linux Mint Debian Edition - Betsy.

I wish that Calculate could look something like that.

Do you like rendering of the image on the left and want to do the same?


Picture can not explain everything. Fonts in LMDE are practically,like fonts in Windows. Clear,beautiful,readable.
Both fonts on the pictures are blurry.

Fonts in other distribution is lacking,in terms of readability,and in most cases,regular fonts is looking bold. And it shouldn’t be.

Just start LMDE in live mode,and you will catch what I mean :slight_smile: