I want to remove virtual pkgs

I was wondering if it would be safe to remove all pkgs from the Virtual categories that are installed as I dont plan on using virtualbox at the moment from Calculate ,
Infact what I am asking is,are all the pkgs in the Virtual category only for those who want to use a virtual box etc or are some required to have a stable desktop as some are perl related.

Virtuals are not for VirtualBox, you know:D They are dummy packages.

See the corresponding section here for the official explanation.

Thats exactly why I waited patiently for an answer so I could make sure even though it may of seemed obvious to some, gentoo has changed a bit over the years & this has got to be the smoothest distro I have used for upgrading compared to all the other linux distro’s I have used over the years & I dont want to mess it up now.

I feel my post could only help educate someone else who didn’t know.