I have some questions?

Hi everyone,

I am currently using gentoo-stable and I would like to try calculate-linux on my other HDD.
I have read documentation section and I could not found right answers for my questions. May be I could not see.

1. I would like to use “tr” language on my system. In order to calculate linux doesnt support TR (Turkish) language as default, I have to add my language to make.conf file. After I added, should I rebuild my complete system?

2. I have a plan to use amd64 system and I do not know what is the -march value in calculate as default. When I change the -march value should I rebuild my complete system?

3. Is calculate-linux created with binary packages or created with source based packages like gentoo? I mean, for instance; chromium and chromium-bin packages are same but to use chromium package we have to compile with parameters.

4. Where can I found the kernel .config file of calculate-linux?

5. I guess, nvidia-installer packages is included in the installation media. After the installation, is there any necessary action to setup my nvidia card?


Hi Hasan,
# Yes, you’re right. Once we have a community of users from Turkey, we will add support for Turkish in the distribution.
# Yes, indeed, the result will only come after complete system.
# Chromium and Chromium-bin are different packages. One compiles the source code, the other sets of pre-compiled binary package. In the Calculate you can choose the default action by the profile (see ‘eselect profile list’). In a binary profile by default flag FEATURES=“getbinpkg”. In a typical profile Calculate you can install a binary package by adding the option ‘–getbinpkg’.
# In the overlay ‘/var/lib/layman/calculate/profiles/kernel’. When you install calculate-sources, the kernel will be unpacked, compiled and installed in the normal profile, or simply installed in a binary profile. For the recompile utility use cl-kernel.
# Graphical configuration tool driver is missing. Configure the network card templates executed Calculate utilities. To build the graphical tool you need to reinstall the driver with a USE flag ‘gtk’.