I have a dilemma

I have a dilemma I can not solve. I have Calculate KDE and 99.9% of the program is from gentoo sources and 0.1% is Calculate source. I read on your page that you have 13000 programs, I assume they are signed as a Calculate source. I do not understand the same, on Gentoo 5.13.5 is stable (marked green) and in my plasma 5.13.5 is unstable (marked yellow). The system when I try eix-sync and cl-update tries to put the parts of the plasma 5.14.2.

CL has never been a stable Gentoo, in it you can always find a compromise between stable libraries and the latest software.

It is impossible to create a system only from stable packages. You will have a very limited selection. Portage has only 11482 stable ebuilds for amd64. Someone is switching to ~amd64 globally. Someone is constantly unmasking to install the necessary software.

The KDE case is a bit special. We really want to switch to stable (Portage) versions. We had to unmask KDE so that a new software appeared, which is necessary for full functionality. As you remember, under KDE5 applications were ported with a big delay.

Thanks for the explanation. I did not know CL is unstable, I’m searching on the Internet and I always get explanations for Gentoo where it says they just put stable packages. Thank you, the best wishes for further work.

The CL will be unstable if it uses ~amd64 for all packets. Most CLD packages are stable in Portage.

I only install ~ amd64 programs. I do this because constantly plasma developers and many others insist on 64-bit programs and some distribution overnight cast out support for 32-bit programs. Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

They make plasma
example: neon.list
deb [arch=amd64] http://archive.neon.kde.org/user/ bionic main
deb-src [arch=amd64] http://archive.neon.kde.org/user/ bionic main