Hw-probe Tuxedo Laptop AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics

Here is my AMD Ryzen 7 laptop running the latest CL:

Very happy with it.

On my Lenovo P16s I cld not use the wireless with CL (same with VoidLiux and Rosa Fresh 12.3) since there is support for the ath10k, but not for the ath11k. Need to read more on Gentoo to compile my own kernel. Work in progress.
(Fyg Fedora 37 and OpenSuse Tumbleweed have it)


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This is interesting! I have bought T14g3 with AMD 680m GPU and cannot just easily swap SSD and work on new hw. Tried the latest CLD-23 iso but it safe failed to text mode and GPU still not supported. Looking forward to see actual support, but don’t know how can I help.

Did you check at Lenovo if there is a BIOS update for yr laptop?
They have *.iso files to dd to your usb stick and boot from them.
In my case I upgraded on my P16s to version 1.32.

Believe your Ryzen 5 6650U might not be supported on kernel 5.15


Yes you’re right. I testes with NEON distro and it boots with GPU (and WiFi), so I guess I’ll upgrade kernel or just wait. Thanks!

Kernel 5.17 works for me on Thinkpad P16.

Updated to 6.0.19 and later to 6.1.7 and graphics work fine with both of the kernels!
However I had different issues on T14g3amd as sleep power consumption and not working touchpad, but that is for another thread I guess :slight_smile: