I see that your twitter account was suspended for violating "The Twitter Rules :tm: "
Now as everyone knows, twitter never ever bans anyone ever without a very good reason indeed :crazy_face: So I have to ask, when was your account suspended and why? The answer might very well be decisive for whether or not I switch to Calculate.

We had several accounts on Twitter, specifically, rare posts were written to @calculatelinux once a month or two. Then at one point, half was banned. Attempts to contact technical support were unsuccessful. Maybe it was worth putting in more effort, but after that we made a big bet on Fediverse, and opened several servers: Mastodon, PeerTube, Pixelfed, Funkwhale.

Thank you for your reply.
“Attempts to contact technical support were unsuccessful” does sound very twitter. Hopefully less so under the new management :wink:
If it is not intrusive to ask, when did this occur? Is there any chance that twitter pulled a github on you? Or was this before the virtue signalling russophobia seized the world by storm?