HP Z400 with NVIDIA Quadro4000 how to install NVIDIA drivers ?


i bought a HP Z400 PC with NVIDIA Q4000 card . Please can you tell me step by step how to install NVIDIA probitaire driver on my Calculate 15.17 System? In the Documentation i did not find anything about how to do that.


Hi !

All commands with root user please.

First, run

cl-setup-video --video list

Look which driver have the star (*)

If in the list there are no nvidia, emerge nvidia drivers :

emerge -q x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers

Run again

cl-setup-video --video list

If nvidia is available :

cl-setup-video --video nvidia



Many thanks.

that works fine.

but - i dont have nvidia-settings .How can i install it ?

My Desktop is Mate.


Ok cool !

NVidia X settings is present in my (KDE) menu in “system” submenu.

Try to launch /usr/bin/nvidia-settings command ?

with /usr/bin/nvidia-settings command i can launch it.Thats really cool!

(but in system submenu there isnt anything about Nvidia.)

You made my day! many thanks to you


You’re welcome :slight_smile: