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How to set up sudo in Calculate Linux => Solution

Hi all,

If you like use sudo to launch some commands, i am going to show you how to enable sudo in Calculate Linux.
By default, sudo installed but doesn’t work.

adrien@oxygen ~ $ sudo ls
adrien is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.

So, to enable it, connect you in root user, with your root password. :

su -

Execute the following command :


Uncomment this line (~ line 82)

 # %wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL

Save the file (If vi used : Esc and :wq!, If nano used Ctrl+O, Enter and Ctrl+X)

Before try, verify that your user is in the “wheel” group :

grep wheel /etc/group

For me, it’s Okay :


If your user isn’t the wheel group, add it :

usermod -G wheel -a youruser

Logout your user and log in again to enable new rights.


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Thank you. It was very helpful.

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