How to install Firefox (not Aurora)?

Hi all,

I have recently used Firefox Quantum on two other distros and was surprised at how much faster it is than previously. I would like to install 61.0 on my Calculate desktop (MATE and FluxBox). I am using the command sudo emerge firefox. It looks normal, but when i use the browser it is actually the Aurora Developer Edition that i have, which cannot see text in my webmail. What syntax should i use to get the “official” Firefox instead of this Aurora? Thank you!

If you turn off the USE flag “bindist” and recompile the package www-client/firefox, you will see the usual name and logo. The description of the flag is written: “Disable official Firefox branding (icons, name) which are not binary-redistributable according to upstream”. This is the same version of the browser. Another option is to install the package www-client/firefox-bin.

Hi, and thank you,

I chose the second option as i am not familiar with use flags. Surprisingly it did not solve my problem. I still cannot see text in my webmails, though i have no such issue using Firefox Quantum on 2 other distros. Shame but i suppose for now I’ll stick with one of the other browsers for Calculate.

I have never been in such a quandry over browsers. Firefox cannot read my email, Vivaldi cannot play video except in youtube, and only Chrome or Chromium allows me to print via CUPS. I seem to need them all though not all will import bookmarks from the other.