How to get the volume icon in taskbar? (KDE)

I have read the pipewire article on, but nothing helped.

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You need to enable it in the SysTray widget settings

It is not there. I guess it doesn’t detect pipewire on start and therefore doesn’t start.

Then your original question doesn’t make sense.
First, look in the KDE control center to see if there are sound devices there.

Sound is working perfectly.
I found it, for some reason kmix was not in autostart.
Didn’t expect that because I use the same /home partition and in all other OS installations before it was obviously started. Thought the issue was pipewire starting somehow after kmix, as described in Gentoo wiki.

kmix was replaced by plasma-pa. But I can’t see plasma-pa in my autostarts.?
ok, plasma-pa is an applet. But what was it what I was using before? Don’t know what these other distros did.