How to create a Calculate-Linux LiveUSB? like ubuntu's "startup disk creator"

How to create a Calculate-Linux LiveUSB? like ubuntu’s “startup disk creator”

There are several ways:
# cl-install -d /dev/sdb1
# dd if=/file.iso of=/dev/sdb
# ‘emerge sys-boot/unetbootin’ and run it.

Thanks very much!

yes in effect unetbootin works well with the create of system to install, im try this and for me works well, with the last version of our CL.

I use MultiBoot.

There is an option to translate to your language in the right sidebar after the page completely loads.

MultiBoot allows you to install multiple distributions to your flash drive. You get to select from a grub menu when it boots.

After you install and run it, you simply drag distros, one at a time, to the bottom box. Hint- you have to move your mouse cursor away from the box for it to accept the file. Enjoy!