how to change the update server

I want to change the update server & mirrors to US server. Its on fr server want it to be on fastest one by me US. How can i change please. I have tried everything looking for the file and stuff can’t seem to get it to change. also used mirrorselect and choose the one i want but when i go to update its still on the fr server

You can see the list of mirrors for updating as well as the access time for them by running:

cl-update --scan
cat /var/log/calculate/binhost-scan.log

Most likely the mirror in France will be the fastest.

I want to change the mirror to US server, how do i do this,

You can specify the repository:

 # vi /etc/portage/make.conf/custom

OK i did that. When i update its still on fr mirror!


OK i did that. When i update its still on fr mirror!


cl-core-variables --set update.cl_update_binhost_list=

SO what will that do I’m confused? I want it to this

Will this command set it

cl-core-variables --set update.cl_update_binhost_list=

There are no binary packages in this mirror. CL uses its own repositories.

Alexander Tratsevskiy wrote:

You can specify the repository

# vi /etc/portage/make.conf/custom

That’s what you said. because i wanted that? But how do change it for the update processes aswell

I want it to this

Sorry, but not a calculate mirror.
Look, this work same way:

cl-update get updates (portage, binary packages) from calculate mirrors. Its reasonable, for consistent portage/binary packages system. It ruled by variable update.cl_update_binhost_list as Alexander say.

if no binary package or you restrict binary packages(for why?) - soft builded from portages an get distfiles getoo-way (GENTOO_MIRRORS= as written above)

If I understand U correct, all question answered:

  • for gentoo distfiles u may use, but calculate binary packages will download from calculate mirror
  • for calculate binary packages used only calculate mirrors (not gentoo, not

Ok I get it now you have your own separate mirrors for the update processes.just for gentoo packeges i can change the mirror. You guys do have fastest updates i have seen then gentoo newest nvidia driver was quickest i have seen. Thanks