How to change the login theme.

How do I change the login theme on Calculate Linux XFCE?
I tried to modify the Calculate theme in /usr/shatre/themes but it didn’t work, the same image appears on the login screen.



no, no, don’t modify the Theme.
Use cl-setup-theme :

Thanks for the reply.
I checked the link and it looks like a neat way to handle graphic system wise.
I’m used to Slackware and setting all stuff by hand so I got to learn this different approach but that’s precisely why I’m using Calculate Linux.

Yes, not by hand.
cl-setup-theme is more flexible than edit file, because when the system theme will be updated, your changes will be lost.
With the cl-setup-theme, all is keeped.

Yeah, CL-SETUP is very neat, I just got to get used to it.

I’m having a problem with cl-setup-themes.
I used the first time and it worked perfectly, changed the login background image.
Then I used it to change the login background image again but this second time it just loaded the same image instead of the one I put in the /etc/calculate/ini.env file.

Hi Antonio,
After changing the ini.env, you should run cl-setup-theme