How do i install Kernel 3.7?

i just want to know how to compile and install a new kernel

i see this help from this link:

soo which version do you suggest me to choose “sys-kernel/gentoo-sources” ?

and if i choose this i just need to do this commands?? like this

calculate ~ # USE="symlink" emerge -1uD sys-kernel/gentoo-sources
calculate ~ # cl-kernel
calculate ~ # module-rebuild -X rebuild

sorry for this questions but i come from the easy linux world (ubuntu fedora …)

Yes. Try =)

thx work perfect!!

tell me if i have a hardware problem is it safe to downgrade the kernel??

calculate linux come with kernel 3.6 soo is it safe to downgrade to kernel 3.5 or 3.4 ? because i try it on my laptop also

Do not see a problem

in the boot its write me

Failed to start the splash daemon, error code 256

what it’s mean? and how can i fixed it

ok i see that it just the splash screen :slight_smile: but can you tell me how can i display this in the boot ? or am i wrong and its not this error??

and just want to know i search in /var/log/ for the boot log but i couldn’t find it can you tell me where it is?

sorry for all of my questions

Was displayed splash before rebuilding the kernel?