High processor usage

Hi to all!

I have been using Calculate XFCE, and processor is allways “stucked” to 56-57. Can anyone help ?
Thank you.

use your terminal to run htop and see what it says.
I used to have a problem which looks like similar to yours. it had something to do with a keyboard applet in the tray. though it was long ago.

System is consuming 14 w, very, very high, is there any solution ?

your computer is definitely stuck in a heat sink. Take a look at this link on how to fix it:
https://m.wikihow.com/Fix-Computer-Overheating-Caused-by-Blocked-Heat-Sink dafont showbox adam4adam if you are not sure you can do it I advise you to seek a professional repair because CPU is very soft and you might damage your computer.

I have problem regarding using XFCE.
I am fine when I unplug power source, temperature is around 42.
But when I plug power source, is 52 celsius.
I have installed TLP and lenovo acpi call addon.
Thank you.