hi i cant update calculate linux 12 kde desktop

calculate ~ # eselect profile list
Available profile symlink targets:
  [1]   default/linux/amd64/13.0
  [2]   default/linux/amd64/13.0/selinux
  [3]   default/linux/amd64/13.0/desktop
  [4]   default/linux/amd64/13.0/desktop/gnome
  [5]   default/linux/amd64/13.0/desktop/kde
  [6]   default/linux/amd64/13.0/developer
  [7]   default/linux/amd64/13.0/no-multilib
  [8]   default/linux/amd64/13.0/x32
  [9]   hardened/linux/amd64
  [10]  hardened/linux/amd64/selinux
  [11]  hardened/linux/amd64/no-multilib
  [12]  hardened/linux/amd64/no-multilib/selinux
  [13]  hardened/linux/uclibc/amd64
  [14]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CLD/amd64
  [15]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CLD/amd64/binary *
  [16]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CLD/amd64/developer
  [17]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CLDG/amd64
  [18]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CLDG/amd64/binary
  [19]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CLDG/amd64/developer
  [20]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CLDX/amd64
  [21]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CLDX/amd64/binary
  [22]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CLDX/amd64/developer
  [23]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CLS/amd64
  [24]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CLS/amd64/binary
  [25]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CLS/amd64/developer
  [26]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CMC/amd64
  [27]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CMC/amd64/binary
  [28]  calculate:calculate/desktop/CMC/amd64/developer
  [29]  calculate:calculate/server/CDS/amd64
  [30]  calculate:calculate/server/CDS/amd64/binary
  [31]  calculate:calculate/server/CDS/amd64/developer
  [32]  calculate:calculate/server/CDS/amd64/hardened
  [33]  calculate:calculate/server/CSS/amd64
  [34]  calculate:calculate/server/CSS/amd64/binary
  [35]  calculate:calculate/server/CSS/amd64/developer
calculate ~ # emerge --sync
!!! Unable to parse profile: '/etc/make.profile'
!!! ParseError: Profile contains unsupported EAPI '5': '/usr/portage/profiles/default/linux/amd64/13.0/eapi'
>>> Starting git pull in /usr/portage...
Already up-to-date.
>>> Git pull in /usr/portage successful
!!! Unable to parse profile: '/etc/make.profile'
!!! ParseError: Profile contains unsupported EAPI '5': '/usr/portage/profiles/default/linux/amd64/13.0/eapi'

 * An update to portage is available. It is _highly_ recommended
 * that you update portage now, before any other packages are updated.

 * To update portage, run 'emerge portage' now.

 * IMPORTANT: 7 news items need reading for repository 'gentoo'.
 * Use eselect news to read news items.

calculate ~ # emerge portage
!!! Unable to parse profile: '/etc/make.profile'
!!! ParseError: Profile contains unsupported EAPI '5': '/usr/portage/profiles/default/linux/amd64/13.0/eapi'
!!! Your current profile is invalid. If you have just changed your profile
!!! configuration, you should revert back to the previous configuration.
!!! Allowed actions are limited to --help, --info, --search, --sync, and
!!! --version.
calculate ~ #

Hi i cant update the system, i am new to gentoo portage and this stuff could you help me pls?

Hi Vlado, First off, you can manually select a profile by doing the following:

# rm /etc/portage/make.profile
# cd /etc/portage
# ln -s …/…/usr/portage/profiles/ make.profile

You should also upgrade your portage version, before attempting to update your system. Follow this reference:


After, run your calculate console utility and check under the ‘update’ setting. You can attempt a sys update from there too. Or once you’ve succesfully upgraded/rebuilt portage you can attempt an


Good luck!


setting profile to hardened, reemerging portage, then switching back to your profile solves the problem. You’ll have to eix-sync between switching profiles, of course.