Hello I'm new here

Hello, I’m here to learn some Gentoo basics, that’s why I want to use Calculate Linux, instead of the official from gentoo.org. for now. later might be start to build stuff from source, I’m downloading Calculate Linux Scratch, I have a question, What is the difference between Calculate Linux Scratch & Calculate Scratch Server?
By the way, I like to concept of Calculate Linux with server/client solution which is much needed nowadays.


I am going to use 2 words : CSS for Calculate Scratch Server and CLS for Calculate linux Scratch

On CSS we have only kernel and calculate utilities.
On CLS you have a kernel (of course) and all softwares installed such as Xorg, mesa and some drivers (evdev for inputs, mouse and keyboard + video drivers)

On both, you must install a Desktop environment.

If you install CSS, you must switch profile to have the correct “USE” (X qt and gtk) enabled, otherwise, you must set manually all the correct “USE” flag in the /etc/portage/package.use/custom file

Since CL is in stage4, what I understand that I need a ready partition to hold the restore operation, what if I need to make different partitions, e.g. /boot, /home and /