Having a problem installing on PC

Just got my new PC today and seems to be having problems running on my PC, installed and runs perfect on my laptop but PC seems to have problem. just before the login screen should show i get this screen and just sits there. same result with cinnamon install.

Image attached


Ok so i got it working i installed again this time i changed the graphics from AMD Radeon to AMDGPU and set to autologin and now its working :slight_smile: so not sure if it was the graphics settings or what is going on. this was the 4th time installing on this pc i decided to change from the default and it worked.

is there a command i can run and post the output for someone to look at and see what might have been causing this problem on this PC?

thanks in advanced.


did another reinstall to find what the problem was and it was the graphics driver selection.
Installing with AMD Radeon or whatever its called (the default selection) wont allow it to boot past the calculate boot screen, so i changed to AMDGPU graphics driver and all is working well now.

Hi. I’m trying to test this distro but everything went wrong during the installation, i expent a lot of time with this installation for 3 times, and the installer crashed 3 times while doing “Updating the configuration”, the installer closed these 3 time and i did not nothing. The installation is very very slow, the step of “Unpacking the system image to the target” took about 2 hours these 3 times and it’s very frustrating to see the installer closing. I need help to solve this.


having done much xfce4 installs, from dvd or usb stick.
On an old pc (8years) install takes never longer than 20 min :wink:
Maybe your ISO cd not good or something wrong with your partitions?

ferdi :wink: