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Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!

2019 was a highly social year for Calculate Linux. As we bridged all user support chats: Telegram, IRC, Jabber and Matrix, the LiveUSB users have again full support of the community, and the site visitors are provided with an easy-to-use Web client.

Moreover, several distributed networks were created in 2019 for you, our Calculate fellows: a microblogging page on Mastodon, a Peertube channel for video hosting and a PixelFed page for hosting pictures The three platforms are fully compatible with each other. We in Calculate believe in distributed networking! It is a perfect tool both for the community and for publishing about Calculate Linux.

In 2019, we moved to a new site and launched a new forum page with an integrated translation system. The wiki engine is adapted to our needs, displaying different command line modes as close as possible to real Calculate Linux experience. Our new site also has a full-functionality mobile version, allowing to post and translate on your mobile device as if you were in front of your computer.

In fact, we even started a new ambitious project in 2019: Calculate Phone, to be found soon inside all corporate mobile phones in Calculate Ltd. It is Android-based and can be customized in four minutes precisely. The next step would be to integrate it with Calculate templates. Services such as Nextcloud, Asterisk, Postfix, Funkwhale or PeerTube will be then synchronized between your Calculate Phone device and your desktop.

Last but not least, Calculate Utilities were updated to version 4, at the end of this year. Like the previous 2 and 3, this is a major version with multiple new features that are being added. We plan on using the jinja format for Calculate templates, add scripts for describing actions, merge the variables with the ini() parameters, create a Web interface supporting mobile device screen resolutions, add full support for Calculate Phone, and more. Follow us on Mastodon to keep yourself up-to-date.

With best wishes for health, happiness, and prosperity in 2020,
truly yours, Calculate Linux Team

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