Grub splash=off [solved]

I do not want to have a in grub splash=off, the system insists each time to change the grub to splash=off.
How to fix this problem

Hi, Please show a screenshot.

  • Updating configuration files … [ ok ]
    — /etc/default/grub 2019-03-30 23:26:29.722011525 +0000
    +++ /etc/default/._cfg0000_grub 2019-03-31 09:01:35.792295778 +0000
    @@ -87,4 +87,4 @@
    -GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=“video=1920x1080 real_resume=UUID=8c31a42b-e394-4503-ab09-9fa25f7200b1 rd.retry=40 calculate=video:radeon splash=silent console=tty1 quiet”
    +GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=“video=1920x1080 real_resume=UUID=8c31a42b-e394-4503-ab09-9fa25f7200b1 rd.retry=40 calculate=video:radeon splash=off console=tty1 quiet”
    Each update insists that it changes splash = off, I do not want to splash = off Grrr…Ufff…

You can use /etc/default/grub.clt to resolve it

# Calculate format=patch
<reg> splash=off</reg>
<text> splash=silent</text>

In all linux etc / default / grub it changes through the editor. I do not understand why a patch is needed and where the grub is generating persistently with splash = off.
etc / defalt / grub should be a plain text file based on grub.cfg and some routines. If I understand it well, now I need to make that file and it constantly stands on that directory and it’s correcting etc / default / grub. When this file is started. Do they need executive permissions over that file? Thank you for your help

Calculate Linux has templates, which configure packages files. /etc/default/grub.clt is CLT template for /etc/default/grub.

Sorry, but I do not understand, but you will not be bothered anymore, the .clt file does not exist on etc / default, there is only / etc / default / grub that is the same as grub in all other linux distributions and at the end of the file with this appendix. What is included in this appendix should be, according to the standard for grub2, to be entered into normal lines of grub that are under # as a coment. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Everything in the CL is configured using templates. You can see the contents of the directory /var/lib/layman/calculate/profiles/templates/
You can change the settings in the same way using templates. Your templates can also be in the global directory /var/calculate/templates, or located in /etc and have the extension *.clt.
CL templates extend the capabilities of ebuild files.