grapics card change

is it possible to change from nvidia to onboard interl graphics without reinstall ?

Hi !

Yes, with root user (if you have no graphics, run this command in TTY)

cl-setup-video --video intel

Thanks for reply. I have similar problem - but i want to switch from radeon to nouveau.
Nouveau is intalled but after i execute
cl-setup-video --video nouveau

cl-setup-video --list
shows that i still use radeon driver.
Even switch to automatic configuration does nothing - radeon driver remains selected.
Executing commands above gives no errors.

Hi Valentin,
Did you restart your PC after executing the command?

Yes, sure.
I also checked xorg and grub configs - both still reference Radeon driver.

There is no Intel but my humble opinion is that you have to delete xorg.conf or rename it to xorg.conf.old. You have to change the grub (/etc/default/grub) and delete the radeon, make the update grub, restart but i do not know what is written for Intel. You may not have all the files installed for Intel. I can use program the GUI Porthole and I can precisely see what is installed. Read this link:

Got issue resolved by manually regenerating grub configs and letting xorg to generate new one.

not sure what job is done by cl-setup-video :slight_smile: