Gnome preferred applications

Hi, I’m still loving Calculate with Gnome.
Problem is I deleted Chromium browser and cannot set Firefox in Control Centre/Preferred Applictions in the Web Browser drop down menu.
Links to websites in Evolution emails will not open in Firefox, either in “open link in browser” or “copy link location”.
I would appreciate any advice to correct this as I intend to keep using Calculate.
Thank You

I tried to help you, but I did not succeed. I’ll try more later.

Thanks Yuri,
I look forward to any help.
“open link in browser” will open the browser but not to the link specified.
“copy link location” will not copy the link into the browser URL field.

Firefox is set as the default browser.

many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Yuri,
I reinstalled Chromium and it is seen in Preferred Applicatons whereas Mamoroka (Firefox) is not.
URL links in Evolution emails open up just fine now, so I’ll stick with Chromium till I find a fix for Evo/firefox