gnome and kde

hi … i really like gnome and kde, is it possible If i install two or more desktop environment on a single system? if I have to edit make.conf, where make.conf located? calculate seemed to have its own make.conf. in etc / make.conf I do not find the “use” variable? thank you


Hello! Arrange them to the test. Select the hard disk two partitions of 15 GB and install them on the CLD and CLDG. Enjoy the fact that Gnome and KDE is a native software. Choose what you like. In the future, the second section you will always be useful for safe updates to new versions of systems.

thanks for your answer alex…, so it should be in different partitions, I was well understood by your answer, I hope in the future calculate could support multiple desktop environment in a single system.

Portage can compiling packages for a specific environment. Soft we select in the same way. As a result, the system is homogeneous and has a good performance.