gentoo stable or testing~

i didn’t know about calculate linux before. after seeing a review on distrowatch i thought i’d give it a try. unlike the reviewer i do like gentoo and portage, but i hate to install it, haha.

im currently downloading the iso now. my main question is whether calculate is based on gentoo’s stable branch or on the testing branch (~) ?

Calculate based on the stable branch. Some packages, such as KDE unmask profile. View available profiles can be running <>.

thanks. i only use kde and i like the rolling release cycle, however i found most rolling release distros are too bleeding edge. i like Sabayon a lot, but its based on gentoo’s testing branch and it is not always stable. im going to try and get this installed tonight.

is Calculate run as an overlay on gentoo with a lot of its own packages ?

Calulate uses stable gentoo package branch and its own overlay called “calculate” which contains calculate’s own utilities, profiles and so on.