Gentoo like installation without cl-install possible?

Hi, I am new to Calculate Linux. I use Gentoo since some years.

Is there a way to install CLD (KDE) from any LiveCD (like RIP or SystemRescueCD), without using the magic of cl-install utility?

In Gentoo I know 100% what happens, when I copy the contents of a Stage3 to my rootfs and setup my bootloader completely on my own.

To complete my Gentoo installation I usually install Syslog, set a root password, edit fstab and boot into my new system.

All those things can be done from every Linux CD or from an already installed Linux system.

In CLD I dislike the need to boot from a CLD DVD and the need to use the magic cl-install. In my opinion, this hides too much details from me, I would like to have control of.

But maybe I only have missed some source of information.

I could not find anything regarding this topic in the Docs / Wiki / Google.

I already tried to copy the contents of the livecd to my rootfs. But after boot, I am already logged in to all consoles. I think it is not the right way. Also the init scripts tried to do some magic things, which I think belong to the Live DVD, and are not appropriate for an installed system. For example doing something with the bootloader.

I am looking forward for any information in this direction.


This is magic=) Gentoo-way!=Calculate-way.
If you want you can copy stage3 to your rootfs, then you can connect the calculate-overlay by <<layman -a calculate>> …install calculate-utilities and other, other, other… But why would you need it?

Calculate - binary system with magical template system and magical tools to configure the system, the task of which hide from the end user most of the configuration process.

In installed system you can use own templates to automatic configuring system, with utilities calculate-builder and calculate-assemble you can build you own LiveCD iso with own templates and software.

Thanks for your fast response!

My final goal is to use the binary packages, you provide for CLD (KDE) online.

So there is really no other way for installation, than using a CLD Live DVD and cl-install?

I use GPT partition table and EFI booting with refind and Kernel Stub Loader. So I don’t want to have any bootloader configuration magic in my OS. Does CLD do something like this without my interaction? Have I understood correctly, that I must use 'cl-install --mbr off ...' for that?

Thank you very much for guiding me through those initial steps!


Look at this topic