Gaming Laptop with Nividia optimus

Hi there,

just wondering if Calculate has a solution like Xubuntu or Solus, where you can install the Nvidia Prime driver and by pass the whole hassle to get bumblebee running.

I don’t want or need to switch back and forward and would be happy to just install the Nvidia prop. drivers.

Thanks a lot for every one trying to help.


P.S. I just bought my new laptop and had Calculate on my old laptop running (just fine).

Specs: ASUS ROG Strix GL753VD 17.3" GSYNC Gaming Laptop GTX 1050 4GB Intel Core i77700HQ 16GB DDR4 1TB 7200RPM HDD RGB Keyboard

Hi !
I don’t know, I use bumblebee and primusrun and it works fine !

I tried Bumblebee on Debian, Fedora, OpenSuse Leap 42.2 and on MX16 nothing works, so I am not interested anymore in wasting more time in bumblebee, reminds me too much on Micro$oft Windows the time thief.

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Resurrecting an old post.
I have been using Calculate for almost 3 years now on my desktop and I have zero problems, it has averything I want and nothing I don’t want (systemd and it’s brother).
I tried setting up my Asus ROG laptop with bumblebee “solution” and gave up. Waste of time. Installed Kubuntu on laptop recently and it all works painlessly.
Then just this week I discovered that Redcore Linux provides nvidia-prime package which enables me to use Gentoo on my laptop.
So my question is, does Calculate have any plans to provide this kind of support for this admittedly shitty technology called Optimus?

Thank you and hoping for a positive answer. :slight_smile: