Fuse settings for AppImages

I need to use a few AppImages for programs not available in Flathub.

The AppImages will not work as the Foss settings are incorrect for Calculate. The Gentoo settings do not work.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Thank you.

This is the only thing I cannot get to work on Calculate. Outstanding distro. Great work Team!!

What program package are you talking about?


BalenaEtcher to create bootable USB drives.

At what stage of the application are you getting the error (In what application usage scenario are you getting the error)?


Right when I click on the AppImage, it says the Fuse settings are incorrect. I need the proper Fuse settings for Calculate Linux.

I found a work around. balenaEtcher AppImage works on another linux distro and I am able to create bootable USB drives using VirtualBox.

Thank you.

Some appimage use FUSE 2.x
You can force on your system the version 3 AND 2 of fuse by installing :

emerge -av sys-fs/fuse:0