Explain it like I'm stupid - Kernel upgrade [Solved]

First want to say upfront I’m fairly new to Linux. After trying Antergos and Sabayon I REALLY like CL. This morning I attempted to upgrade from the 3.14 kernel to the 3.16.1 kernel with no success. Now I have read the cl wiki on this [[http://www.calculate-linux.org/main/en/cl-kernel]] and followed the steps according to the page.

If one of you cl experts were going to update your kernel today what would you do?

Looking for an os home I think cl may be it.

Documentation is outdated, the new is not written yet. Why are you want new unstable kernel?
If you want just new kernel with default config follow this steps:

echo "=sys-kernel/calculate-sources-3.16.2" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords/custom 

Steps may vary, but this is simpliest way.

Thanks, I wanted to try it out. I run an exact copy of my calculate box in a vm I wanted to try the kernel out there first. One more question. Will I need to rebuild my kernel modules?

cl-update do it
In the virtual machine will take time to compile the kernel.

Thanks for everyone’s help. Should anyone come in the future come across this this is what I did

# eix-sync
# echo “=sys-kernel/calculate-sources-3.16.2” >> /etc/portage/package.keywords/custom
# cl-update
# cl-setup-boot

cl-setup-boot was not necessary. When you emerge calculate-sources, grub settings automatically updating