Evince and qpdfView not opening .eps files

Hello, thank you for this great distro, my daily driver for over two years!

After a recent upgrade, the evince and qpdfview packages will no longer open .eps (postscript) files. This is a recent change - I have regularly used these packages to open .eps files for years.

It appears that these packages (and two others) have been compiled with the postscript USE flag off:

$ eix --installed-without-use postscript
[I] app-text/evince
[I] app-text/qpdfview
[I] media-gfx/gimp
[I] media-gfx/imagemagick

Please re-compile them all with this flag on…

Thanks, Bill

Hi Bill,
It turns out that we are also actively using eps files :slight_smile: Support will appear in the next update, thanks!