error booting calculate linux 12 kde

Hi all

this is the first time for me to use calculate linux coming from other distro ubuntu , centos .

I am really interested in calculate linux distro because it is amazing , very powerful and fast i am controlling the system not the system controlling me .

I decided not to use any distro after i saw calculate linux . even if it somehow harder to learn than others .

but I have problem booting it , everytime i have to put the installation cd then choose to boot from first hard disk in order to boot .

if i didnt use the cd it doesn’t boot at all .

during installation I created separate /boot partition and i see grub is installed there but dont know the cause of the problem .

can you help me in this please .

I had the same problem. I suspect the boot partition is full.
Removed the boot partition.
Only use 3 partitions. One for swap. One for Calculate. One for home.
If you have any other operating systems they would go on your extended/logical partition.
If that does not work, please post the error message your getting.