Elbrus-2sx cpu?


I found out about this lil’ proc that piqued my curiosity.

Looking where to buy on the page I get confused with their commodity computers. From their webpage it’s not clear if their commodity computers are using regular CPU (intel, amd, etc) or ELBRUS.

Anybody here got inside info where to get this rarity shipped to the EU?

Is there an option to buy as separate components? You know, motherboard and cpu separate or it has to be all-in-one computer?

Motherboard has to be different due to cpu socket the rest I bet it’s standard components.

I want to take advantage of the low rubble and have one this.

thank you very mucho.

Why are you asking it here?? Elbrus developed by MCST. Try contact with developers.

Right, I will quickly take some russian this afternoon in order to be able to understand the page tonight.

The entire page is in russian? I asked here in the hope that someone could have a quick answer. Besides, makers don’t know ALL the places where their products are sold.

It’s like if I go email global foundries to buy a graphics cards. Global Foundries don’t sell to end users.

Besides is under Hardware section.

So if anyone got any tips please share it!!

thanks too mucho.

Even with ruble at its lowest level to dollar and euro, the Elbrus based system will cost you too much. They are not benefiting from economies of scale, and the main reason to buy it is not to rely on US designed hardware that contains NSA backdoors. Not an issue for most people unless you’re a subject for your government’s investigation.

t the multiplayer engine didn’t run faster than 30fps, so neither did stuff you shot at. very ugly