Doubt about the use of emerge in calculate linux

In gentoo the compilation floor appears, in calculete this does not happen. I’ve used emerge --ask --verbose package , as well as --verbose=y and it doesn’t show the build progress.

EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS=“${EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS} --with-bdeps=y --verbose”
EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS=“${EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS} ${USEPKG_EXCLUDE} ${EMERGE_JOBS} --binpkg-changed-deps=n --quiet-build=n --binpkg-respect-use=y”

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thanks but it gave an error when putting it in /etc/portage/make.config/custom
the type of error was:
“/etc/portage/make.conf/custom”, line 35: Invalid token ‘EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS’ (not ‘=’)

it’s lines from my ‘/etc/portage/make.conf/ao.conf’.

You may run calculate’s emerge with “ --jobs=1 --quiet-build=n”.

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