Docker calculate-sources CGroup support


I am a huge fan and long time user of Calculate. Thank you for all the work that is put into the distribution!

I am trying to use Docker [1] which requires some CGroup options to be enabled in the kernel configuration. However, these do not seem to be enabled for calculate-sources, at least for version 3.14.6.

Could these please be added to the kernel configuration? I tried building my own kernel, but it just hangs at the initrd phase :-(.




Follow-up: I just discovered the “cl-kernel” utility – and it now works! Calculate FTW!

It would still be great to get CGroups in the default config, if there are any developers out there that could make that happen.

Support will appear in a future kernel update.

Hi Matthew con you explain how you do it? I try and try and try but I don’t success it. I open a bug ticket six month ago to change the default kernel config but nothing.


Hi Victor,

Here are the basic steps I use. Assume a 3.19.8 kernel, but it works the same with other versions:

emerge calculate-sources:3.19.8
cd /usr/src
ln -s linux-3.19.8-calculate linux
cd linux
make menuconfig
# Add the options from here:
CONFIG=.config lxc-checkconfig
make -j12
make modules_install
make install
dracut -H /boot/initramfs-3.19.8-calculate.img 3.19.8-calculate
grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Hope this helps.

Thanks Matthew, I think that you did it with the calculate template kernel configurations.

Thanks a lot!