Default Password for Live Session

I am currently running CLDX on a Lenovo ThinkPad W520 from RAM in a live session. So far, everything seems to work as it should. But when I attempted to Manage Printing, I was asked for a password. I haven’t seen that mentioned in the CL literature, so I thought I’d ask here.

I will probably install CL, although I might try to create an Openbox version with CL Scratch, adding some xfce apps like the xfce4-panel. Is there a HowTo that describes that process?

Thanks in advance for the orientation.

This is a very nice distro.

1. By default in live session root user doesn’t have password. To create password you need to run this commands:


2. On this page you can read how to build you own .iso

I had no problem creating a password and cups was then able to identify the printer. Thanks for the tip.

The explanation of how to create an iso is also quite clear, although the example given is not based on scratch.

I will have to decide whether I will install CLDX or strt from scratch.

Evidently no graphical package manager is available but portage can be asked to present the applications there by category, which isn’t that different.

Thanks again for the response.