Default apps for XFCE

Hi all,

I try to learn with CLDX, and I have a question.

How can I set Firefos as default browser into CLDX ?

I didn’t see where is it into XFCE ?

Can you help me ?

Thanks !


In a terminal :



XKomodor | Julien


There are no icons into the xfce4 menu ?

Did you install firefox package without errors?


I had some problems with Firefox two days ago.

But, when I tried yesterday, it was OK.

Are you problems with the XPI download ?

I do not use Firefox, what have you problems with the XPI?

No problems with XPI.

I had problems two days ago, it’s written in my console “Connexion Closed” from Mozilla’s FTP.

But I never had any problems with Firefox.

So Yes, yesterday, I install firefox package without errors !


For many versions of XFCE, it is no longer the icon management applications. Now it comes to the screen saver.

To start the screensaver management, in console :



XKomodor | Julien

Screen locking in XFCE is not configured by gnome-screensaver-preferences. Gnome-screensaver is used for compatible with lightdm. You can set “lock time” by setting DPMS (Power Manager/Monitor). For disable autolock set lock = off in ~/.calculate/ini.env. Documentation for configuration coming soon.

Hello Mikhail,

Thanks for your feed back because sleep mode is really painful.

An another thread, here : in french, we reuse the application “xscreensaver” and sleep mode becomes fully operational with all parameters.


XKomodor | Julien