Conky Rings not displaying

I can get Conky configs without rings to display OK from a .conkyrc file in my home folder, but not configs with rings. Is there any way to do this? I know how to do it with Sabayon but not Calculate.

No one is more supportive of the open source world than me. I’ve been a volunteer in another open source field for 12 years so I appreciate how difficult it is to recruit help and maintain projects but a month with no response to this suggests Calculate along with the other Gentoo based distros is on the way out. Sabayon is now uninstallable from the original ISO unless you opt for a daily release because they are unable to produce anything else. Redcore is probably the most active but also the hardest to manage. This is a real shame because now so many more potential Linux users will be forced down the Arch and Debian roads only to end up disappointed.