Configuring the mirrors used by portage

I’m used to seeing the entries made by mirrorselect in make.conf. How would I go about setting up the Univ. of Idaho mirror as my preferred mirror to pull from? I’m not seeing the file that determines that.

First, install mirrorselect:

emerge mirrorselect

Mirrorselect is a program that checks a list of know mirrors and finds the best ones by downloading a small test file.

If you would like to find the fastest available servers use:

mirrorselect -s3 -b10 -o -D >> /etc/make.conf

Or :

Use mirrorselect -d to manually select mirrors. Use -a for automatic mode, and set -s to the number of mirrors you want added to /etc/make.conf. Example:

mirrorselect -a -s5

Add -r use mirrorselect for choosing a rsync mirror (used to update your portage tree). This does not work in automatic mode but does give you a nice list of mirrors so you manually can choose one close to you.

mirrorselect -i -r

Thanks Zdravko.

I am also beginer, but google helps.